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MOD`s done


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Engine modifications



HKS Cams 264 in 264 ex

HKS Cams 264 in 264 ex 

HKS Cam Gears

HKS Cam Gears

HKS Intercooler Hard Pipe Kit

HKS Intercooler Hard Pipe Kit (5 pipes)

Powerhouse Racing   upper radiator pipe upgrade

Polished Upper Radiator Hose Kit. Consists of one T304 Stainless Steel hard pipe, fully polished, with blue silicone hose ends and clamps

CW   De-Cat pipes  (replacing both cats)

BLITZ racing radiator cap (1.3kg/cm2)

Wheels & Tyres & Suspension & Brakes

REEZAX racing

REEZAX racing 5 spoke deep dish
8" x 19" front
8" x 19" rear

Colour : black gunmetal sort of

YOKOHAMA AVS sport 265x35x19 front
YOKOHAMA AVS sport 235x30x19 rear

Electronic modifications

HKS Electronic 60mm Boost Gauge

HKS Electronic 60mm Boost Gauge

HKS Electronic 60mm EGT Gauge

HKS Electronic 60mm EGT Guage

RACELOGIC traction control with launch control

RACELOGIC traction control with launch control

RACELOGIC Traction Control

Racelogic Traction Control electronically eliminates wheelspin and enhances acceleration. Our system is used by manufacturer's such as Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Lotus Cars, Marcos Cars, Caterham etc. to enhance their cars handling and performance, and is available as a factory option.

  • Improves acceleration
  • Dramatically reduces the chance of accidents in wet & slippery conditions
  • Reduces tyre wear by up to 40%
  • Race systems available
  • Launch control and powershift options

TRL VFCC (Voltage Fuel Cut Controller) (pete betts)

Polishing & Chroming
BLITZ fmic + all pipes (Polished)
BLITZ induction (Polished)
All turbo piping except the turbo`s (Polished)
Water inlet pipe (Polished)
Turbo heatsheild (Polished)
Engine liftout hook induction side (Chromed)
Radiator clamps (Chromed)
Battery clamp (Chromed)
Power sterring tank (Chromed)
Have done a lot of it myself,some of the stuff the pro`s have done i was not 100% happy with. so have had to finish them off. i have decided to put car back together as its taking a lifetime to do. dont want to miss summer. will make this an ongoing job for winter.

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