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MOD`s to do


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This page is of future mods i plan,some may take longer than others due to high price.

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1.RACELOGIC traction control...DONE
2.BLITZ SBC-iD Boost control
3.BLITZ Power Meter iD
4.BLITZ front mount intercooler...DONE
5.HKS or BLITZ or GREDDY oil cooler kit
6.GREDDY oil relocating kit
7.HKS cams & cam gears...DONE
8.Chris Wilson de-cat replacement pipes (cat free system)...DONE
9.Aquamist water injection...DONE
10.POWERHOUSE RACING 3600rpm Torque convertor...DONE
11.B&M automatic transmission fluid cooler...DONE
12.engine dress up parts chroming/polishing...Doing now
13.CUSCO type os front and rear strut braces...DONE
14.TRD 10,000rpm tach (on order from america)...wont fit my car
15.engine dress up parts slicone/rubber blue hose conversion...Doing now
upgraded UK spec SUPRA fuel pump or better
upgraded UK spec 550cc injectors or larger or better
upgraded UK front brakes (to fit)
Goodridge stainless steel brake hoses (to fit)
upgraded UK rear brakes (to buy)
race pads & race fluid

just fitted these chrome dials

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